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Our Mission

Our mission at 8 Services 2.0 is to become the largest Blockchain Development Company in the Caribbean. Through extensive research, our aim is to develop, implement, manage and monitor the launching of software applications that will increase the efficiency rate and improve the economic capacity of several industries within the Caribbean Region. 
By establishing business relationships with our private and public sector entities, we get a better understanding on how blockchain technology, software applications and online tools can help to add value and leverage to several markets within Dominica and throughout the Caribbean. The goal of our platform is to establish a thriving ecosystem where Entrepreneurs and Business Owners can connect with their ideal clients and generate significant revenue. 

Our Story

A Very Necessary

Caribbean Ecosystem

8 services 2.0 is creating a technologically based ecosystem within the Caribbean that will help to solve many of the challenges that Entrepreneurs and small companies currently face in the region.

Our region has been suffering from the apparent exclusion of many technical opportunities and financial systems that are open to the other countries in this huge global digital economy.

  • Historically, The Caribbean islands have been alienated through barriers that prevent us from truly participating in the production capacity of technology and the revenues that come along with total access and engagement.

  • Citizens of the Caribbean have been traditionally relegated to consumer status and we continue to export millions of dollars into the global community with little to no opportunity to receive.

  • Necessary improvements to simple transactions will not only eliminate so much wasted time and money, but will generate huge income earning capacity within this region.

  • It is quite evident and documented for years now that Caribbean Island resources have generated huge profits for generations.

  • We were almost totally excluded from the first technological age with the introduction of the Internet. Caribbean islands were allowed to participate only as consumers.                                                      Now that we are entering a new Internet revolution, 8 services 2.0 intends to utilize the power of Web3 and Blockchain Technologies to create an interactive online platform that will benefit Caribbean Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Consumers alike. This entirely new level of accessibility and operation capacity will be just what the Region needs to compete on a global scale. 

Economic Expansion 

Blockchain technology applications create many opportunities to

  • build leverage and capacity

  • increase efficiency

  • lower operating costs and

  • advance the competitive advantages of our Caribbean islands.


By offering Blockchain technology services to the public and private sectors, both the small and medium sized companies and even the local entrepreneur will benefit from the

  • time and cost reductions

  • seamless transfer of data and sensitive information and

  • exceptional cyber security that blockchain technology provides


Within this transforming and expanding environment, 8 services 2.0 infrastructure will connect and encourage business building relationships with companies and agencies. Through our vision, even those businesses which are not traditionally technology related will benefit. These entities will learn just how these technologies can

strengthen their growth, build equity and increase profits.


8 Services 2.0 will train these companies helping them to learn and implement these new systems into their mode of operations. These improvements will definitely help to attract new international clients and increase profits within our Caribbean economies.


To truly participate, create advancement and add value in this Global Digital Economy as a Caribbean company is what drives us at 8 Services 2.0. The Caribbean has inspired many and will continue to contribute immensely to the global social culture.


 The barriers that have previously limited our access to the benefits of production as citizens of the Caribbean are now being eliminated. No longer will we be almost completely excluded from opportunities within the global marketplace.

The Caribbean missed out on the early advances of the initial dotcom wealth generating explosion and this time around, 8 Services 2.0 is determined to use these opportunities that blockchain technology provides us to our advantage .

Experienced Leadership

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